I am a British fashion photographer based in London with a passion for fashion. 

Clients have included Elite Models Worldwide, Milk Management, Linden Staub, and Wilhelmina.

My photographic aesthetic is colourful, dynamic, vibrant and evocative because of my African heritage. As a child, I was sent to boarding in Lagos, Nigeria at age 10. Although, I developed as a fairly strong artist in school, my art tutor suggested I try photography which I fell in love with. 

After 20 years in the City of London as a recruiter, I took the challenge to pursue my live long passion as a professional . I attended London College of Style in 2019 where I graduated top of my class with an advanced diploma in photography. 

I have assisted acclaimed photographers Kenneth Lam and Tiffany Mumford on a number of editorial shoots for Vogue Hong Kong and Vogue Dubai after graduation. 

Best achievement last year was to get my first ever editorial submission published in Marika magazine Aug2020 edition in the middle of the lockdown.